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Food Contact Materials must be safe for consumers. The specific legislation for plastic material establishes control requirements to guarantee food safety as global and specific migration tests, residual content of monomers or the presence of residual solvents of inks. However, in the past years the non-intended substances (NIAS) topic has gained a lot of attention. There is currently a lack of knowledge available on these substances that can migrate from packaging to food.

In this webinar we are going to go throw several tools to detect and evaluate the NIAS situation in plastic food packaging

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  • Understand NIAS definition
  • Know NIAS legislative status
  • Discover the analytical techniques for NIAS identification & quantification
  • Have information about risk assessment
  • R&D projects developed in AIMPLAS

¿A quién va dirigido?

  • Employees who are starting out in the field of food safety in packaging; companies in the entire chain of manufacturing and use of packaging, manufacturers of raw materials, companies that transform plastic materials, packaging companies, etc.
  • Exclusively for registrations from industrial companies.


1. NIAS definition

2. Legislative status of NIAS

3. Analytical techniques for the identification and quantification of NIAS

4. Risk assessment derived from exposure to NIAS

5. Elimination and control of NIAS during food packaging production processes

6. Interpretation of results

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  • A webinar is an online conference that is transmitted On-line, where attendees can watch from their computer everything that the teacher is showing on the screen and listen to his explanations. Webinars are given in real time, with a specific date and time, and their main characteristic is the interactivity between the teacher and the attendees
  • The assistant will need a computer with sound and internet connection to be able to interact with the teacher by chat
  • The aim of the webinar is to establish an interactive way of communication where the teacher receives feedback from the attendees who are listening

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